ASOROCK Vision 2021 collections

 1) The Ambassador - February 2021 

Our first automatic mechanical movement watch with a moon phase feature makes the ambassador the perfect blend of sophistication, class, and functionality. And with working chronographs, the Ambassador will keep you moving forward and standing out from the crowd. Like the true Ambassador you are. 

 (Only 100 pieces will be made)
Now live on-site for pre-order (ships out in February next month) 

2) The SpeedRacer 2.0 - February 2021

 We will be restocking everyone's favorite, the speedracer!

And we have taken all your feedback into consideration and
The new speed racer 2.0 will have a new strap which will be more comfortable than the previous model, and, the dial will be a flat color, no longer carbon fiber themed to give it a cleaner look.

Additionally, the new Speedracer will sport the new logo "AR Asorock Africa" Instead of the old logo "AR Asorock Nigeria".

Available for pre-order mid january 2021 

3) The Transporter - March 2021

asorock transporter introduction


will be releasing in march 2021 but will be available for pre-order in february.

A perpetual calendar watch displaying the day of the week, date and sunlight/night and, sticking to the high-quality tradition Asorock is known for, the transporter will be made out of high-grade stainless steel, sapphire crystal anti-scratch glass, interchangeable straps and many more.

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4) The Asorock Villa Tourbillion (skeleton) - 2021 

We present to you below the vision of the "Asorock Villa tourbillion series" scheduled for release in Q3-Q4  2021.
Our most complicated watch yet with a tourbillion powered heart, moon phase feature, open date and Miyota Automatic movement.
The villa will be released in two variations. The covered and the opened see-through skeleton piece. 


5) The Asorock Villa plain

The Entry level villa series will be releasing in 2021 along with the tourbillon version.  

In conclusion
As our brand turns 3 years old this year, we have learnt a tremendous lot during those years and are now ready to take the next step in crafting more high end watches with more complications such as a tourbillon, automatic movement or moonphase, all still at an affordable price. 

And, by the end of 2021, we hope to have our first men's wallet produced under the "Asorock Collective" Brand. 

Asorock has a lot of exciting news to announce.  So, stay tuned :)


The monolith is my new favorite timepiece of all TIME pun intended. Very versatile. Love it sooo much i became an affiliate.

Dahvoo February 10, 2021

Interested in the Transporter.

Lee Zachary Maxey November 03, 2020

Good day Asorock Family.

I love your Timepieces and excited to the Fall 2020/ Spring 2021 Collections!


Nando Worldwide November 03, 2020

impressive looking watches

Shomari November 03, 2020

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