Here at ASOROCK Watches, a name influenced by the breath-taking mountains in Central Nigeria, our love and affection for watches, created a desire in us, to make a positive long-lasting impact on the African continent by representing her in the luxury watch market of the world been the first luxury watch brand out of Africa.
 Started by young entrepreneurs and watch enthusiasts Ben Iroala (Nigerian American), and Andrew Mutale (Zambian American), we sought to cut out the high retail markup of popular name brands. We have been obsessed with watches our entire life and got fed up paying for overpriced name brand watches that only cost a fraction of the price to produce. 
Being avid watch enthusiasts ourselves, we were fed up with our limited choices due to the inflated high mark up prices of popular name brands. It also didn't help that we always felt like our collection was never complete (a problem all true watch enthusiasts can relate to). It bothered us even more that we didn't have a single watch from an African source where we have our roots. All these led to the creation of the ASOROCK range of watches

 proceeds from each watch sold by ASOROCK goes to building a library in a village in Nigeria by the end of 4th quarter 2021 and, all names of those that order will be engraved on a pillar in the library complex.

Primarily, we believe that through the sales of our fantastically made watches we will raise the funds needed to realize our deep dreams of building libraries with computers equipped with Wifi and learning software in various villages in Africa. 
We also foresee the massive amounts of employment our brand will offer from; library keepers to tech-savvy millennials worldwide who want to promote and be an influencer for us, and also down to our photographers and design team that will grow as we grow and produce better designs than we have now. These factors further led us to the creation of ASOROCK.
That's why ASOROCK Watches is truly more than just another watch company, not only are we more of a charity at heart by using the sales of our awesome watches as leverage to achieve our core aims of helping empower the youths in our motherland and continent, but we are also seeking to create jobs.


To offer you fairly-priced, premium watches at unbeatable prices, ASOROCK took the direct-to-consumer approach. (D2C)

By December 2021, we plan to lay the foundation of our first Youth Complex in a village in Nigeria. When completed, the Complex will have a library fitted with computers equipped with Wifi and free learning software and sports amenities (such as a basketball court) for the youngsters to discover their talents.

Proceeds from each order goes to achieving the project, and as a thank you, all names of those that order  - December 2021 will be engraved on a wall in the library.

We believe it is our sole responsibility to help play a part into the restoration of the African economy. We plan for the youth center to be a place were kids come to learn, interact, share ideas and explore their hidden talents. The ultimate goal of building the library and youth center is to maximize youth development and close the gap of the unemployed youths of the nation.

To be a part of this movement in improving the lives of youths in the Africa grassroots please contact below.



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